Felt Shelby

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Felt Bicycles have teamed up with car maker and former Formula One racing driver Carroll Shelby to produce the Felt Shelby Cruiser.

The bike, which will be available worldwide on a limited edition basis, is a homage to Shelby’s iconic work and features the same Wimbledon White and Guardsman Blue paint job used on classic cars like the Mustang GT350.

“Carroll is known for his determination to succeed and his passion for performance,” said Felt president Bill Duehring. “These attributes propelled Shelby to the pinnacle of auto racing and inspired a legion of fans. At Felt Bicycles, we share these same values and we’re honored to be part of this project.” The Felt Shelby is built around a hydroformed aluminium tank frame, with a three-speed Shimano Nexus hub gearing and Felt’s famous Abraham Linkage cruiser fork. It’ll be available from late May 2011 for US$900.

Felt_Shelby (2)This Felt Shelby was acquired 11/10/2015 from a collector in California who bought the bike new at the dealership. He had stated that the bike was unboxed and then placed in his office as a conversation piece. He had retained the original box along with paper work, stickers, manual, etc.

At the time of my purchase from him, he had the bike repacked by a local bike shop in California and shipped directly to Missouri.

Only 420 were actually made and distributed world wide with only 200 being released in the USA.


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