Savitar – 40mm Stage 2 Engine


Savitar is a stage 2 heavily modified race engine that features a host of rare components and impeccable attention to the build details.

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(SOLD)  Savitar is a stage 2 heavily modified race engine that features a host of rare components and impeccable attention to the build details. Based on a 40mm geometry, this engine comes with a third boost port on a wide intake cylinder and houses a rare original Oz 4 petal carbon reed. Side transfers are opened as wide as possible and directional shaped for maximum flow characteristics. This in tandem with case matching offers a very fast recharge rate at higher rpm’s and a smooth flow throughout the entire cycle. Cylinder fins have also been worked over and deeply polished. All mating surfaces have been decked and leveled for proper sealing.

The crank is well balanced / trued one piece setup and is supported on high speed C3 bearings. This offers smooth rolling with little to no vibrations in the upper rpm range. The crank rod itself is a harden ZL40mm long rod and is capped off with a high polished type “A” windowed piston connected with a Malossi wrist bearing for extreme use. While the polished piston does not offer any performance it does help keep the piston free of deposits and gumming.

Keeping the engine cool is of utmost importance and therefore is capped with a genuine 6.0 Fred Head with a very tight squish band for excellent compression. The 6.0 Fred Head is made of dense aluminum for fast heat dissipation and low noise, the best head on the market.

On the electronics side the Savitar features an out of production Roo magneto that reads in at a whopping 340 ohms and produces a clean 18 volts and is sealed to protect it from moisture. The magnet is very strong and has an original Ozark Cruiser seal retainer on the case. We have also included two NGK spark plugs BS8HS & BS7HS.

Case Specifics:

41mm front boss with 6mm bolts – This allows the engine to use the K&W Machine Works style CNC mounts which is a best choice if you are building on the Felt or Felt Faker frame. All bolts are hardened with the main bolts being stainless steel throughout.


All conventional mounts, bolts, nuts, washers and an additional heavy duty mount with U bolt.

Finished covers with premium gaskets.

Super CDI coil with a really nice spark plug wire in red.

Two intakes for the Original Oz Reed (19mm & 21mm)

Paint is high temperature engine paint with ceramic. Sanded between coats, really nice.

This engine also comes with technical support.


This engine needs an unrestricted expansion chamber exhaust for optimum performance. We suggest the MZ65 or similar style chamber. Runs well on regular pump gas mixed at 40:1 A good quality tuned carburetor is also recommended.

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