Custom PK80 Style 40mm Engine Kit


A genuine custom PK80 engine with a huge 40mm intake. Designed to be a little quicker and more friendly to folks who want to make major modifications or run reed valves. This is one of my favorite engines and is a major step up from previous flow PK80 engines I have built. Lots of math and respect for the hobby all bundled up into a screamer.

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Our newest breed PK80 style 66cc engine kit is now complimented with a wide 40mm intake making this rendition an even better engine to accept your own upgrades. This engine comes with a hardened 40mm rod that is caged on both ends and features high speed P5 crank bearings that are very tolerant to abuse and heat.

To balance out the engines metrics the piston is skirted on the intake side and is wide open at TDC. This piston arraignment makes for a very good flow through the cylinder and has a very fast recharge rate on the down stroke. The cylinder itself is a very solid mass of aluminum that has strong cooling fins and lots of extra meat on the intake and exhaust for additional porting and to carry heavier exhaust systems.

Timing math has been considered for low end torque and higher rpms, an overall steady runner with plenty of throttle response through the entire throttle range . A very well running engine straight out of the box and very much ready for modifications or for use as a reliable runner.

We are all about the engine but have included everything you need as a kit to be up and running in just a few hours. Our kit comes with the following list of goodies.  If you need a different configuration please make contact as there are some things we can swap around to meet your needs.

Quick Spec:

40mm Front / 40mm Back X 6mm mounting
Head Studs  8mm X 1.25 both ends

Complete Custom 40mm Engine
Chrome Exhaust System
NT Style Carburetor – Can be upgraded
3 Wire Hot Magneto
CDI Ignition w/ Snap Boot
415 Chain w/ Master Link
44 tooth sprocket w/ Rag Joint Assembly
Throttle / Grips / Clutch Lever / Cables (Throttle & Clutch)
Fuel tank / Cap / Petcock / Filter & Hose
Spark Plug Tool
Tensioner / Mounts

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