45mm Stroker


45mm stroker. Painted and polished cylinder Fully ported with 3rd port. Cortez head upgraded bearings. Plus more.

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This engine is a custom built 45mm stroker engine that features a highly modified G4M cylinder with a third port, properly dialed porting and the addition of a Cortez head for additional cooling.

Balanced long (45mm) stroker crank
Premium C3 roller bearings
Ozark Cruiser G4M boost cylinder – Polished fins / Ceramic Paint / Decked (40mm Intake)
Polished custom piston with a velocity window – Open 360 degrees
Cortex compression head – Excellent cooling

Lots of extras not listed!

This is a very quick spooling engine configuration and will require a quality expansion chamber as well as a fine tuned carburetor to get the full benefits of the internal timing. This engine can also see better results with an after market CDI system and the use of synthetic oil after break in. Comes as pictured and ready to ship with a quickness through USPS Priority mail with tracking. Shipping is included in the price.

This jewel is a master of attention to the smaller details by the hands of Ryan Kellett, owner at Vicious Velocipeds in Maine.