About Us

D6_SB (17)Ozark Cruisers builds modern Board Track Racers locally in Springfield Missouri. Our showcase build is the Ozarks Cruiser RSS which features a unique frame design that is reminiscent of long gone by days when first generation motor bikes where truly motor bikes.

This modern Monocoque Aluminum Frame is manufactured from limited supply of high grade 6061 Aircraft Aluminum manufactured by Felt Bicycle Company, a leader in engineering and design.

A light weight frame is achieved that is solid, durable and incorporates the tank as part of the frame. This allows for a very solid platform on which to build an exceptionally well received board track racer implementing modern technologies.D6_SB (10)

Additionally we work with other manufacturers in the machining, coating, welding and finishing industries to procure the very best of materials for our custom built cruisers, board trackers and racers. We would be very pleased to work with you on a custom build of very own design. Cheers!

Got questions? Please feel free to contact us. 1- 417-813-4907 CST or ozarkcruiser@gmail.com