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Ozark Cruisers is located in Springfield Missouri and offers a wide variety of repair services as well as quality parts, accessories and custom built engines for your modern board tracker or motorized bicycle. Our repair rates are very reasonable and we have the expertise and tools to get you back on the road quickly. We stock most common 66cc China Girl engine parts and a few items that are hard to find. If it doesn't exist we will manufacture it or find someone who can.

Ozark Cruisers is  also a craft shop and we take great pride in our workmanship and though it isn't intended to support us as a money making institution, it does give us a solid bond within our community and our family of riders. Our passion shows in the models we build and the people we hang with.

Much of what you will find here on the website are some of the best products on, after and off the market. We have our thing going on and also support other enthusiasts who have manufactured a specific product that is unique, best quality or gracefully tactful. We are very proud to have the opportunity and ability to support folks who have the heart. We also support  family business and like minded hobbyists world wide.

If you are local or in the area Saturday morning is generally our "Quality Ride Time" - tuning, maintenance and safety checks are all part of the fun and usually come free to friends and family. Come show us your ride, we would love to see it and have you in the circle.

Thanks for visiting Ozark Cruisers.com -  If you are needing an item or replacement parts please feel free to contact me at ozarkcruiser@gmail.com or call 417-536-0778 CST. Cheers!

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