We have a passion for the two stroke engine and the potential there to tap into some power that is missing from the common stock two stroke engine. Along with that passion comes the desire to build top quality two stroke engines, supply show quality motorized bicycle components and offer unique items not found on the common market for your custom board tracker.

The Pk80 Two Stroke 69.9cc engine supplied by Run Well is our favorite base geometric for engine building, once modified and properly tuned these engines can be a legitimate screamer turning out some positive torque off the line and quick speed gains to above 50 mph. Likewise these same configurations can be built to have the torque low in the power band to provide a decent climb rate up steep inclines. Living here in the Ozarks we have lots of longĀ  hills and flats runways so the way we build our engines fits most application from mild to extreme use. If you want a Screamer Two Stroke for racing, then we will build something custom to your liking.

Offered herein is a small sample of items that I have for sale to the public. Product descriptions are pretty good so know basically what size mounting you need for your application. We have custom engines that are built and not listed here so if you dont see what your looking for just ask.Likewise, I have built stock units, other configurations, collector items and rare never going to see another like it engines. If you desire a custom off built engine please feel free to consult with me by whatever means of communication that is convenient to you.