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Its like riding a bike, only faster!

Board Trackers

During the late-1910s and early-1920s, large wooden stadiums across the country filled to capacity as spectators watched their favorite riders lap the tracks at speeds in excess of 100 mph. However, the introduction of several new classes of racing provided more than a distraction, as the 21, 30.50, 45, and 61 cubic inch classes fought for the limelight. Those days may be long gone but the spirit of tracking lives on.

We are very proud of what we have created using the best of modern engineering, attention to the details, all quality products and an eye for what works. A truely classic designed board racer to cruise around on.

  • Ozark Cruiser RSS

    Motorized 1903 Felt Cruiser

    The Ozark Cruiser RSS is based on a Felt 1903 model cruiser and is an homage tribute board track racer honoring the 1903 Harley Davidson.

  • Deeper Six 5 Speed

    Motorized 1903 Felt Cruiser

    Deep Six - 66cc w/ expansion chamber. Jackshafted to Strumey Archer 5 speed w/ 70mm drum brake. Abraham Linkage fork sporting a Sturmey Archer 6v/3w dyno and a 90mm drum brake. Saddle by Brooks.

  • Deep Six - Shiftless Bastard

    Motorized Deep Six Felt Cruiser

    A truely classic road cruiser that is equally as comfortable setting the pace on the open track as it is putting around town. Modified Felt Deep Six Cruiser running a 66cc two cycle engine. Awesome is all!

  • Deep Six Shiftless Bastard 2

    D6_IV (24).jpg

    Want something deeper then a Deep Six? How about a deeply modified Deep Six. An awesome street racer with all the classic charms of yesteryear and the best of modern engineering all bundled up with some punch.

  • Sunshine DayDream


    Sunshine DayDream is a Felt canvas frame customized in Safety Yellow Powder Coat and features a stock 66cc 2 cycle engine with an NT Speed carburator. This is a single speed Street Racer that is very fast topping out above 40 mph.

  • 2013 Felt Deep Six

    New Felt Deep Six

    2013 Felt Deep Six - Boxed / New

    A true time traveler, here today from yesterday.

  • Stock Deep Six


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